Friday, February 02, 2007

AGLOCO Fever Is Growing, Count Me In!

I have been hearing a lot about AGLOCO lately. And seriously if you haven't joined yet...I highly recommend it. The guys that started AllAdvantage (about 8 years ago, remember them?) have started up again as AGLOCO. Their goal is to pay you hourly for surfing the web. First you sign up (Signing up takes about a 2 minutes. ) then download a Viewbar (in limited beta, release date is in about 1-2 months). I was a part of AllAdvantage back in the day and made some good money monthly, so, I'm rather excited they're back. So, I trust that this is going to be BIG! So, did you sign up yet?


Hey man, what's up. I know you're always looking for cool new things on the web. Well, you have to check this out! Just in case, if you haven’t had an opportunity to join yet, I would highly encourage it. Takes only a minute to join, and it’s absolutely free and no obligation. Please click here to join AGLOCO now… Because Agloco and it’s ViewBar are in Beta or ‘pre-launch’ mode, it’s the best time to get in on the ground floor before it’s scheduled release next month.

If you search “Agloco” on Google, you get 1,050,000 results, and Yahoo, over 734,000 pages indexed, and MSN, 75,000+ pages too - ALL talking about the Agloco release and phenomenon.
As you can clearly see Agloco is taking off, and it’s growth is going to start to be exponential in comparison after the launch of the ViewBar - our estimates say it will surpass everyone at Agloco’s expectations (based on AllAdvantage growth curve). A lot of my colleagues are starting to gain interest in the concept. So remember, a network is only as strong as it’s members, and you have an opportunity to join in on the ground floor!


Seriously, sign up now and thank me later.


P.S. - I've recently made a site to help promote your AGLOCO campaign, once you sign up. ...enjoy!


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