Thursday, January 11, 2007

Earnoogle : You Search, You Earn

search and earn

My latest project that's been keeping me busying is call I wanted to create a way to share the earning of a search engine with everyone who uses it. I just hope Google is okay with it since I'm enticing searches...not ad clicks. But, I'm in contact with them right now. So, for now, at least I can try out a "concept run" to see how things would work out.

So, enjoy the search. Hopefully if things work out, you'll be earning money this year just by searching for that "darn cool plasma" or "papa needs a brand new car." Either way, I enjoyed making it. Okay, back to the xbox.


P.S. - Just heard back from Google, looks like we're okay...

"Hi Terry,

Thanks for checking in with us. Yes, you are allowed to encourage the use
of your AdSense for search on your site. However, as you mentioned, you
aren't allowed to promote any clicking of the ads.

For example, your site cannot contain phrases such as "click the ads,"
"support our sponsors," "visit these recommended links," or other similar
language that could apply to the Google ads on your site. "


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